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Hi, my name is Nate Buchanan and I am the creator of Credit Virgin. About a year ago I didn’t even know what a credit score was. However, I was about to graduate from college and I realized that if I wanted to buy a car, buy a house, rent an apartment, or get a good job I probably needed to have a credit score. I set out to learn about how to build a good credit score, but I was surprised to find there were no good online resources. (at least none that didn’t bore me to death) So I decided to build an online resource that would teach college students just like me how to build credit, in a way that educational and entertaining. Since then I have become somewhat of a credit building expert, and I would be happy to answer any questions you might have. If I don’t know the answer I will do everything in my power to find it for you. So feel free to ask me anything. Just use the question widget to the right!

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Credit Virgin was created for students by students. Our goal is to teach students the importance of building good credit through content that is educational, unconventional, and entertaining

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